Artist Profile

Australian born artist Janine works and lives with her husband in north England.
Her art is created from 60 plus years of life experiences. Her unique art reflects her 20 years of psychotherapy.
Janine’s art covers 2 distinct periods.
The DOT paintings from the 2003 period shows art and subject matters purely from her psychotherapy participation and life experiences. It was both her therapy and deep desire to express feelings. The Sufi Dancers is a subject that “came in” while meditating and insisted on a 2 meter format with the Sufi subjects.
The paintings in the current period shows art and subject matters of her evolving work. The Subconscious Boat is her interpretation of what happens when the subconscious mind clicks with an image.
Something triggers that 3 second recognition that draws the viewer to subconsciously register a feeling. Its colors, the forms, and paint or brush strokes.

All Janine’s work is signed by the copyright heartkey symbol which evolved from the heartkey poetry series. Many of the paintings are inspired by the poetry.